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Wise Chat Pro

Wise Chat Pro 1.4 = Wise Chat 2.3 + Premium Features

Wise Chat Pro is an advanced and highly popular chat plugin for WordPress. It requires no additional server, supports multiple chat rooms, bad words filtering, pictures / files posting and detailed appearance settings. The plugin is well designed for mobile devices. It has single-sign-on feature, provides easy localization for every language, moderation, backups, opening hours control and much more.

Wise Chat Pro 1.4:
  • provides all the options available within free Wise Chat 2.3, but in addition it offers more advanced features listed below
  • completely replaces free Wise Chat 2.3 and therefore cannot be used together
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Private one-to-one chats and avatars

Let your users talk to each other in private conversations. Each user has also an option to ignore messages from unwanted users. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous private chats. Enhance appearance of the chat by displaying avatars of your users. Avatars can come from WordPress itself or from external services like Facebook, Twitter or Google+

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Sidebar mode (Facebook-like chat)

wise-chat-pro Facebook mode
Attach the chat to the right side of the window. Your users can discuss while browsing contents of your website.

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BuddyPress integration

BuddyPress chat plugin
Integrate Wise Chat Pro into BuddyPress group and provide live communication tool for members. Mods and admins can get rights to moderate chat by deleting or banning users.

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External authentication

Increase range of potential users by allowing them to log in using their accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Pending messages and full moderation

Moderated chat plugin for WordPress
Let your moderators do a full moderation of posted messages. Each message can be hidden until it is approved by moderators.

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Multisite support

Wise Chat Pro can operate in WordPress multisite environment.

Six nice-looking themes ready to use

Choose one of the six preconfigured themes that fit your website. You don’t need to manually adjust the style, just click to apply a theme.

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