Wise Chat Pro 2.5.3 + 6 months of free update and support, 1 domain license

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Wise Chat Pro 2.5.3 + 12 months of free update and support, 1 domain license

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Wise Chat Pro 2.5.3 + 18 months of free update and support, 1 domain license

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Customer Reviews

Greetings, Your Wisechat Pro plugin looks totally cool!

by on 12th September, 2020

Nice chat! This is what I was looking for.

by on 19th August, 2020

Great plugin!

by on 25th July, 2020

great work on the chat app!

by on 6th June, 2020

Clean and simple solution

by on 11th April, 2020

Thanks for a very straightforward WP-native chat plugin!

by on 15th February, 2020

Thank you for developing Wise Chat Pro, it's exactly what I've been looking for.

by on 23rd December, 2019

We very much like your product

by on 2nd October, 2019

This is by far the best WordPress chat out there!

by on 14th August, 2019

I'd like some custom extensions via hooks

by on 8th July, 2019

Excellent chat plugin, I will definitely install it on our sites

by on 9th May, 2019

Awesome plugin and support

by on 29th March, 2019

Very impressed!

by on 22nd March, 2019

amazing chat plugin, a lot of options and very simple

by on 8th January, 2019

I love it, I like the themes and Facebook authentication. Would be nice to have YouTube integration

by on 30th November, 2018

I heard great opinions and they are true. I couldn't find better

by on 2nd September, 2018

Really good chat plugin

by on 27th July, 2018

Simple tu use - works out of the box

by on 8th July, 2018

Great plugin and great support!

by on 2nd June, 2018

Works great

by on 26th April, 2018

works like a charm!

by on 17th March, 2018

We use it as a group chat plugin on BuddyPress site and it runs smoothly so far

by on 3rd February, 2018

Wise Chat Pro is surely the leading chat plugin

by on 20th December, 2017

I love its private chats option

by on 16th November, 2017

we couldn't find a better chat plugin for wordpress, wise chat pro is the best!

by on 1st November, 2017

Works very well indeed, we love it!

by on 14th September, 2017

Very good plugin, works perfect

by on 17th August, 2017

Awesome - highly recommended!

by on 9th August, 2017

Easy and Powerful !

by on 2nd July, 2017

Just what I was looking for

by on 7th June, 2017

Great, we use it on our corporate website and it works nice so far

by on 29th May, 2017

Good chat plugin! Thank you for creating it

by on 6th May, 2017

I think it's a good plugin so far. Seems to work great even under heavy load.

by on 14th April, 2017

I have to say that i'm really impresed by the chat

by on 22nd March, 2017

Thanks for creating the great plugin!

by on 14th March, 2017

Thank you for your support, I appreciate it

by on 25th February, 2017

Your plugin is awesome for functionality and easy use

by on 17th January, 2017

Awesome chat plugin

by on 3rd December, 2016

I bought your plugin AND LOVE IT!

by on 11th October, 2016

Congrats for this plugin! Great support!

by on 7th September, 2016

This is a great plugin, very pleased with the value

by on 25th August, 2016

It works perfectly for our needs

by on 15th August, 2016

Everything seems to be working fine!

by on 2nd July, 2016

Wise Chat is the best messenger for WordPress

by on 29th June, 2016

I must say that your plugin stands above all

by on 17th April, 2016

The best chat plugin ever!

by on 22nd March, 2016