Pending Messages

Pending Messages means Full Moderation

It’s a real-time full moderation feature. All posted messages are hidden to the public except for moderators. A moderator can either approve the message or delete it. Only approved messages become visible to all. A special user role can be allowed to send messages without approval.

This feature allows to perform full moderation of all messages posted in Wise Chat Pro. It is the only way to gain a total control over what kind of messages are posted in the chat. A regular user posts a message and the message is not displayed for the public right away. Instead of this only specially designated users (called Moderators) are allowed to see and approve the message. As soon as the message is approved it becomes visible to all users in the channel. It is also possible to determine which user role has permission to post unapproved messages.

How set it up?

1. Log in as administrator and go to Settings -> Wise Chat Pro Settings -> Moderation and scroll down to Pending Messages section. Enable Pending Messages feature:

Wise Chat Full moderation

2. Specify user roles that are allowed to receive unapproved messages, i.e.: Editor or Administrator.

Select moderator roles

3. Scroll the page up and enable messages approval button for user roles that are responsible for approving messages.

Approve messages

4. Let your users post messages as usually. They will get a confirmation message after sending, but the message will not be visible until the moderator approves it (see below).

5. In the same time Moderator begins to approve (or delete) messages as they appear:

Approving a message