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This is a simple and pure installation without styling, images uploader, links detection, etc. All styles can be easily adjusted to match existing theme.
Anonymous15214: hi
Anonymous15401: this is simple
Anonymous15485: kiss
Mr nicee: test
Ara: da
Ara: Hello
Anonymous15675: test
Anonymous15734: hello
Anonymous15893: worship
Anonymous16015: embarrassed
Anonymous16067: Hello
Anonymous16447: sdsdd sad
Anonymous16447: island
Anonymous16590: hello neutral
Anonymous16691: hello
Anonymous16778: test
Anonymous16978: september
Anonymous17166: dddd
Anonymous17168: Bok, ja sam Boris
Anonymous17174: hi
Anonymous17305: hello
admin: Testing
Anonymous190: kkk
Anonymous190: kkk
Anonymous230: fdsfds
Anonymous445: EFF YA
Anonymous445: f**k
Bfn: Grad
Anonymous738: test
Anonymous1194: chat
Created by Kainex

[wise-chat channel="simple" chat_height="400px" show_emoticon_insert_button="0"]

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