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This is a simple and pure installation without styling, images uploader, links detection, etc. All styles can be easily adjusted to match existing theme.
Anonymous9549: ooo
Anonymous9600: helloooooo
Anonymous9652: jo
Anonymous9652: !
Anonymous9706: kkkk
Anonymous9792: hi
Anonymous9806: hahaha
Anonymous9952: hello
Anonymous9952: hello rahul
Anonymous10225: f
Anonymous10310: asd
Anonymous10310: qweqe
Anonymous10460: hgfgchc
Anonymous10498: I'm testing wise chat
Anonymous10519: testing
Anonymous10648: Hi
Anonymous10648: smile
Anonymous10648: ...
Anonymous10648: Hey
Anonymous10648: Jjj
Anonymous10648: I
Anonymous10984: 퓨퓨ㅠㅍ
Anonymous11077: test
Anonymous11102: hello
Anonymous11102: this chat doesnt seems woking
Anonymous11102: anyone tesed the installation ?
Anonymous11102: tyuyujtyjt
Anonymous11281: vvbcvbcvbv
Anonymous11281: dit is een testje
Anonymous11346: ddsfdfffasssfs
Created by Kainex

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